Ari Castellanos

Hi, mi name is Ariana Castellanos and I am a mexican designer, this is my small business where I design, sew and sell the items I create.

I began sewing since my childhood and I am always thrilled on how things are made. I am using leather as a meteria on my creations because for me, it is the first material man made and also the most resistent, breathable and biodegradable.

Each piece is handmade in my workshop carefully assembled,  sometimes local artisans helps me with production. I learn a lot from them, not only from sewing and assembling the pieces, but also from materials, processes, machines, ingeneering and life.

Lately my curiosity have brought me to jewelry which is handcrafted for the best silversmiths from my country.

So, whether is a bag, a small purse or jewelry, I hope you find an experience and can feel the soul of my creations.

Thanks for visiting!

Ari Castellanos.